Save The Wave👋🏻, is about spreading the Wave that was originally started back in yesteryear, with the original little beauties here in the UK. But like most good things, as it grows, it becomes global🌍. So we like to think of STW more like an extension of the ETHOS of mini ownership rather than a club. We all belong to some brilliant mini clubs from around the world and long may that continue. We don’t ask for loyalty to come and stand with us at shows, you all have your friends who you attend with. Invite mini owners past, present or future; in-fact anybody who will see that friendliness spreading across the world🌍.

We will be at EVERY SHOW, because our members are from EVERY mini club no matter which variant whether it be a classic or a modern MINI or even an Electric E MINI.

All we ask for our part is to Spread the Love, Spread the Word, SPREAD THE WAVE👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼